Righting Fate Series, Inc.

Our Company


Righting Fate Series, Inc. is a Delaware corporation with principal offices at the Promenade II Building, 1230 Peachtree Street, 19th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30309.  The company was founded to produce and air the epic, family saga Righting Fate directly to audiences worldwide without networks, subscription streaming services or YouTube.  Our revenue comes from advertising, licensing, and other sources that cover production, streaming, and general expenses, with the remainder generating a profit that funds subsequent seasons and grows shareholder value.

Our business blueprints have guided us from being a sole founder with a vision to successfully having our stock offering qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission in March 2019.  Per our plan, the company is now focused on adding advisors, investors, employees, and business processes that will consistently deliver beautiful stories and stakeholder value. 

The planned release date for season one of the drama is early 2021.