Righting Fate Series, Inc.

More original programming? Without subscription fees?

We’re working on it.

Anthony Ezell Miller


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Media companies need hit shows, but do hit shows need media companies?

We are enabling more original dramas to find their audiences outside of the current studio and streaming models. We bypass traditional media companies and stream shows directly to audiences, work directly with advertisers, and receive funding directly from public investors.

Righting Fate is our first drama series to follow this model. African-American storytelling hasn’t had its American Graffiti or its Godfather. But, an epic, family saga set in the urgent and cinematically unexplored world of affluent African-Americans in the 1950-1980s could be it.


Why a new approach?

The current model works great for media companies, but hinders everyone else:

Audiences pay more for entertainment but receive less variety with a programming slate of lookalikes, reruns, and reboots.

Producers lack options for their original shows to come to life.

Advertisers are excluded from popular shows.

Public investors can't invest directly in hit shows since all shows are profit centers under sprawling media companies.

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Direct to Audience

Advances in networking, wireless, and television technology such as connected “smart” TVs and wireless HDMI continue to forge a world where any video that's online can be on television and mobile screens, in high definition, without requiring expensive infrastructure.  Nearly 70% of U.S. households already have a connected TV device, and that number continues to grow*.


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Public direct investment in hit shows are now possible.

We enable hit shows to operate as companies with the transparency of audited, public financial reporting. Investors can now own stock and potentially profit from owning just the show without having to invest in large, sprawling, media parent-companies.  Under this model shows receive revenue from advertising, licensing, and other sources to cover expenses in production, streaming, and administration with the remainder contributing to profit and future seasons.

In March 2019 the SEC qualified Righting Fate Series, Inc.’s offering, enabling it to begin raising $50m by selling 20m shares of common stock at $2.50 per share. 


Our first drama blazes new trails in African-American cinema.

African-American storytelling hasn’t had its American Graffiti or The Godfather. But, an epic, family-saga that appeals to general audiences and is also set in affluent, African-Americana just might be it. 

Righting Fate tells a riveting story that general audiences will love and introduces affluent 1950s-1980s, African-Americana as a vibrant, unexplored cinematic world.

It will be among the first long story-arc, multiple-season dramas to be written for both webisode and TV episode delivery.

The planned release date for season one of the drama is early 2021.